January Update


As part of our ongoing commitment to developing our software offering, we are excited to release a substantial update to Realtime Online.

You will find:

  • A new login page - To improve the clarity of the login area and forgotten password link.
  • A new help menu next to the user menu (top right corner) that includes links to:
    • The Realtime Online Support Desk
    • New feature releases announcements.
  • A more detailed user menu, (top right corner) that now shows contact details for the currently logged in user.
  • Virtual Meter Setup - When a virtual meter is changed/updated, the user will be given the option to either keep or regenerate the existing aggregated data that is used to accelerate the Snap Shot report.
  • User management page updates
    • The legacy system wizard users page now redirects to the User Management page.
    • Fix to bug seen when editing an existing user, where the organisation that they are currently setup in wasn't automatically visible in the Organisation drop down box.
  • A fix to show the RSSI when moving the mouse over data points on all charts in Gateway Management