How wireless monitoring is used in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Biotech start-up Cerevance are working on the development of novel treatments for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

In accordance with their license from the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), it was necessary for the team at Cerevance to put in place a reliable and simple, wireless monitoring system.

The system, provided by Invisible Systems and Haier Biomedical, ensures that their critical systems, inclusive of the storage of an extensive human tissue library, operate at specific temperatures.

Following an initial site survey, installation was a simple process due to being completely independent of existing IT infrastructure.

No Wi-Fi, Ethernet connections or IP address are required. The solution uses a singular gateway which can receive data from up to 200 sensors from as far away as 15km line of sight.

Sensors and probes were then installed directly within the other freezers and other equipment, checked by engineers to ensure high signal integrity.

Todd Lowings, Facility Manager at Cerevance said “After the trial period, I was so impressed with the reliability of the wireless connection and the simple to use software that I proceeded to purchase this system and install it to monitor all lab temperatures and critical lab equipment including -80 freezers and oxygen sensors."

Edge intelligence is built within the monitoring system, ensuring the team receive proactive alerts whenever temperature falls out of predefined thresholds. This assists the team with the company’s Human Tissue Authority (HTA) audits, as they are ale to easily provide evidence of an alarm system.

Todd added, "I am confident knowing our critical equipment is now all monitored 24/7 by reliable technology that, in the event of a failure, will notify me via my mobile phone. This is real peace of mind for me.”

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