The UK Energy Crisis: “What Gets Measured Gets Managed”

The UK’s energy system has been plunged into crisis in recent weeks as the price of gas has rocketed. Several energy suppliers have gone out of business and there have been warnings of food shortages in UK supermarkets.

Wholesale gas prices have soared by 250% since the beginning of the year, including a 70% rise since August, according to the Oil & Gas UK trade body.

Around half of the UK’s electricity is generated by burning fossil fuel in gas-fired power plants, a trend which has become more deeply entrenched over recent months after a string of problems in the UK electricity system.

Ageing nuclear power plants have been forced to undertake unplanned outages for maintenance, a main power cable used to import electricity from France has shut down after a fire, and the UK’s wind turbines have slowed during some of the least windy months since 1961.

But what can you as a business do to protect yourself from the rocketing costs?
Internet of Things technology had advanced in recent years and is now able to help you compressively manage energy consumption. What’s key to the use of this technology? Measurement.

If your businesses energy consumption can be measured, it can be managed. Effective management will ensure a lesser impact of rising costs and reduce the impact of your operations on the environment – a key concern of the upcoming COP26.

Monitoring energy usage across your whole organization is a daunting task and often ends up in silos of data. With a smart energy monitoring system, you can collate all your data from across numerous sites in one, easy to navigate platform.

With the collection and processing of energy data occurring in real-time, you can build patterns on consumption by hour, day, month and even year. Analysis of patterns from within your organisation enable the calculation of demand and peak demand for individual assets, the entire facility or your complete business.

The Invisible Systems smart solutions enables the continuous monitoring of the demand loads of your facility.

By monitoring demand levels, and alerting on pre-set thresholds, you can reduce the risk of incurring costly critical peak charges from your power provider and lower your monthly outgoing.

We’ll also alert you to any abnormalities in real-time. Should an asset fail, or create a surge in energy, our Real-Time Online system will automatically alert predefined members of your team via SMS, email, or call.

Begin measuring and managing your energy usage today with Invisible Systems.

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