So, you think your know your buildings?

Property management can often feel like a losing battle for housing associations. From staying on top of persistent damp issues to monitoring energy usage, it can be extremely challenging to ensure a healthy property and with it, a strong relationship with your tenants. You might think that you’re familiar with your buildings, but how deep does that knowledge actually go?

Maintaining a thorough overview of all properties might seem like a tall order to fill, especially when there are so many potential issues to consider for each one. However, it’s a necessity if you want to stay ahead of the game with regard to identifying faults and safety issues.
Fortunately, there’s some good news - data can be used to monitor properties and act as a tool for predictive maintenance. The result? You’ll see benefits from significant cost savings, reduced carbon emissions and happier residents – to name just a few.

By implementing smart Internet of Things (IoT) technology inside of your properties, you can really start getting to know your buildings from the inside out. Devices like Invisible Systems IoT sensors are invaluable to the housing sector, as they measure and gather data from numerous property management parameters. This keeps you updated on everything you might need to know about the condition of your buildings, whether it be humidity, carbon dioxide levels, energy usage, noise or movement.

Wireless sensors like these are empowering housing associations to make data-driven decisions. With access to data in Real-Time Online (Invisible Systems’ online personalised dashboard), landlords have the ability to recognise sub-standard conditions and respond swiftly. This is especially useful when it comes to rampant problems such as damp, condensation and mould, which are responsible for more than 75% of claims made by tenants. Not only is this costly, it can also be detrimental to the health of residents, greatly impacting their quality of life.

This kind of knowledge is also key to revealing which tenants are living in fuel poverty, giving you the power to intervene and improve the health and wellbeing of your customers.

Smart sensors prevent unsatisfactory conditions from arising in the first place. As you can imagine, this has countless benefits for both the organisation and your customers:

  • Capturing potential issues in advance allows you to allocate resources more effectively, driving down costs and preventing long-term damage
  • The remote nature of sensors eliminates the need for manual inspections and regular mould surveys
  • By bringing attention to energy wastage, smart IoT technology helps you to lower carbon emissions wherever possible
  • Identifying underheating in homes can indicate which residents are living in fuel poverty, allowing you to step in and take necessary action
  • Residents gain more control of their bills thanks to increased controls and access, cutting costs for them as well
  • On the topic of happy residents, tenants can enjoy safe, well-maintained homes and an improved quality of life

Once systems like these have been implemented, housing associations can enjoy a comprehensive view of their entire estate. The data insights generated from Invisible Systems IoT sensors enables landlords to successfully identify areas for improvement and take the necessary actions to change and enhance these – before problems escalate.

Reclaim control over your buildings by getting to know them better. Find out how Invisible Systems sensors can help you by booking a consultation today.