Provide Outstanding Care with Smart Technology

The safety and wellbeing of residents has always been the number-one priority for care homes. With that said, the outbreak of COVID-19 has brought these two needs to the forefront.

The pressure is on care homes and assisted living facilities to implement even more rigorous measures within their buildings to maximise the health of their residents.

If you’re a decision maker within the care sector, you’ll know how important it is to ensure outstanding care for all of your clients. But how can you do this without exhausting resources or compromising in other areas? A good place to start is by implementing smart solutions.

Smart sensor technology can be used to monitor conditions within your buildings and improve upon them, helping to ensure the best standard of living for your clients.

Invisible Systems’ range of smart IoT sensors, Smart Care, is specifically designed to support care homes and living facilities in their duty of care to residents. From the safe storage of medicines and food, to preventing infection and diseases, and reducing your energy costs, the devices offer a cost-effective, reliable solution that prioritises health and wellbeing.

How do Invisible Systems’ sensors achieve this?

Smart Care sensors collect data on various parameters within care homes. This information is fed into an easy-to-read dashboard, Real-Time Online, allowing you to easily keep track of your building facilities and be notified of potential problem areas.

Once in place, smart sensors can:

• Improve CQC compliance by monitoring the temperature of your medical fridges in real-time
• Protect your residents from the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and improve the accuracy of readings
• Monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 and provide a comfortable, healthy environment
• Reduce the aerosol transmission of COVID-19 by improving air quality within your home
• Combat rising energy prices by monitoring and taking control of your energy usage

Smart sensors provide assisted living and care homes with invaluable data, which can then be used to take action and improve facilities for your clients. The reports generated by Real-Time Online can even be used to satisfy CQC Audits, MHRA compliance, Legionella compliance and HACCP reporting.

The advantages of IoT technology are unparalleled in the care sector. Invisible Systems is already trusted by the likes of the NHS, WHO and Public Health England to deliver intelligence that has the potential to change lives for the better.

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