Invisible Systems Unveiled as HACT Specialist Launch Pad Partner

Invisible Systems are delighted to confirm a partnership recently announced by HACT.

HACT work with organisations across the social housing sector to drive value for residents and communities. They see the limitless potential for social housing providers to create lasting, transformational change, and provide forward-thinking solutions and technologies that enable them to do this.

As a Launch Pad partner, Invisible Systems are able to showcase our innovations that are enabling the UK housing sector to improve the service they provide, better protect customers and reduce their carbon emissions.

Through our partnership with HACT, we hope to be able to educate housing providers on how smart technology can enable them to identify possible improvements to their housing stock and to better understand how to implement them.

Pete Thompson, CEO of Invisible Systems, said: “Invisible Systems are delighted to have partnered with HACT.

“We’re working with housing associations across the UK to enable them to adopt smart, cost-effective technology which tackles the challenges they face such fuel poverty, energy inefficiencies and mould growth within homes.

“We deliver data in real-time, meaning preventative action can be taken and patterns in data can be used to better educate tenants.”

Michael McLaughlin, Digital lead at HACT, said: “We are really happy to be working with Invisible systems as part of our Launch Pad programme.

“Their focus on supporting social housing organisations to be more data driven and through their existing work in the sector, they have already shown great outcomes on measuring and using asset maintenance data.“As social housing organisations meet requirements around both building safety and the environmental journey to net-zero, solutions such as those provided by invisible systems IoT technology will play a key role in better understanding and enabling improvement in housing stock across the UK.”

If you have any question regarding the application of smart innovations within the housing sector, book a consultation and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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