Think Cars are Threat to Climate Change? Look Closer to Home

Research from the National Housing Federation (NHF) has revealed that homes in England produce more carbon emissions than all the cars on the country’s roads.

Initial research indicates that the 25million homes in England produce 58.5million tonnes of CO2 each year – this is the equivalent to around 28million petrol or diesel fuelled cars. Currently, there are 27millions cards used in the country – emitting fewer emissions at 56million tonnes.

The findings of the report highlight the need to ensure that our homes are made to be more energy efficient. Despite this, it’s thought that 28% of homeowners have no plans to make eco-friendly upgrades to their homes within the next ten years.

Although England spent most of 2020 in lockdown, pollution levels remain dangerously high. Action needs to be taken to reduce our impact on the environment.

The UK Government has been called to invest £3.8billion into the retrofit of Social Housing at the upcoming spending review.

If approved, the funding will enable the two million homes owned and managed by Housing Associations to reach EPC ratings of C by 2030 – a huge step towards achieving carbon neutrality.

If carbon neutrality was achieved for properties owned by Housing Associations alone, the reduction in pollution would be the equivalent of taking 1.8million vehicles off the country’s roads.

One way in which Housing Associations are looking to improve the efficiency of their properties is by implementing remote monitoring technology.

Invisible Systems are working with a number of Housing Associations and Social Landlords to help them better manage their properties and educate tenants, whilst reducing emissions and costs.

By monitoring energy consumption, temperature, humidity and air quality levels, Housing Associations are improving the experience of their residents.

Data recorded by wireless data loggers is transferred directly to the cloud and presented in user-friendly, Real-Time Online. The platform is built to the specification of each client, giving you real-time access to the data from individual homes, entire estates or your whole property portfolio.

Let’s start your journey to carbon neutrality.

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