Harnessing the Carbon Reduction Opportunity of Sub-Metering

Following COP26, more private organisations are looking to incorporate sustainability initiatives as they attempt to reduce their carbon emissions.

It could be considered that the private sector has already fallen far behind its public counterpart. Over 60 local authorities have committed to achieving net-zero council carbon emissions by 2030 and wider community emissions by 2045.

NHS Trusts have also been targeted with implementing carbon reduction strategies that enable the NHS as a whole to meet its net-zero target by 2040.

Regardless of public or private, the organisation who are most likely to achieve their sustainability goals as those that have a clear understand of when and where energy is being used.

Invisible Systems are helping clients from a range of sectors to implement sub-metering solutions which enable them to gather this level of energy consumption data.

Sub-meters are separately installed meters downstream of the main meters that measure the individual consumption of buildings and assets.

When installed, sub-meters provide a more detailed picture of what contributes to the total consumption figure on your energy bill.

Sub-meters can be used to monitor energy usage across different floors of buildings, different apartments within a block or even by separate critical assets. This enables energy managers to gain much greater insight into energy consumption and highlights potential areas of waste.

A significant advantage of sub-metering is that it can help to engage a wider team with carbon and energy reduction strategies.

By providing visibility of the data on an easy-to-read dashboard, such as Invisible Systems’ Real-Time Online, sub-metering can demonstrate exactly where energy is being used and encourage those using it to adjust their behaviours.

Sub-metering is able to deliver both long- and short-term savings. In the short-term, you can quickly identify areas of energy wastage and fix them. Long-term, you can look to adjust the planning of future sites based on your data or change the way in which your work to reduce emissions.

When considering your net-zero strategy, sub-metering has the potential to be a powerful tool. Begin your journey today.

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