Preparing Your Infrastructure for the COVID-19 Vaccine Programme

As more information comes to light regarding the various COVID-19 vaccines that the world eagerly awaits, it is apparent that the temperature storage of each is critical to its success.

The Pfizer vaccine requires storage of -80°C whilst the Moderna can be stored at -20°C – both generating challenges for the UK’s Primary Care Networks.

Having worked with the NHS, WHO and Public Health England for a number of years, Invisible Systems are now providing support for the UK COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Our MHRA compliant solution monitors both the temperature and humidity of medical grade fridges to temperatures as low as -196°, suiting all available vaccines to date.

The system is programmed to recognize temperature variations outside of predefined thresholds. Should a breach occur the right members of your team will be contacted via email, SMS or text to speech phone call. This can save significant costs in terms of wasted stock and, more importantly, ensures that each of your patients receives an effective vaccine.

With access to real-time data and comprehensive automated reports, you can have complete peace of mind while your team deliver life-saving treatment.

The Invisible Systems temperature monitoring solution can be quickly implemented without requiring any integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

Arrange a consultation today with a member of our team to learn more about how this solution can be a perfect fit for your organisation.