Air Quality Monitoring – The Key to Ensuring a Safe Return to Work

From the 19th July, England’s “work from home” order was officially dropped, enabling businesses to request their staff to return to the office.

In light of this, the UK Government are advising that, to make the return to work as safe as possible, companies should look to purchase carbon dioxide (CO2) monitors to observe air quality levels within their buildings.

Initial research indicates that improving air quality within indoor spaces such as offices, schools, bars and retail facilities, could be as successful in reducing aerosol transmission of COVID-19 as vaccinating between 50% and 60% of the population.

With growing demand for air quality sensors, employers should take steps now to ensure that their employees are reassured and safe within the workplace.

By using IoT smart sensors to monitor CO2, PM, VOC’s, temperature, and humidity indoors, measures can be taken as soon as a reduction in air quality levels occurs.

Good quality smart solutions will deliver your data in real-time through a personalized, web-based, user-friendly data platform.

At Invisible Systems, we also incorporate edge intelligence within our devices.

What does that mean?

It means that our sensors not only monitor conditions in real-time, but also delivers alerts to specified individuals when a condition falls outside of its predefined threshold.

Alerts are available by text, call or email and can be delivered to different members of your team dependent upon the building or area of the building that is affected.

So, what action can be taken to tackle poor indoor air quality?

It could be as simple as opening a window. However, you may notice patterns within your data, which could indicate the need for a longer-term strategy, such as a review of the workplace schedule to control the number of people within the building at any one time.

While a safe return to normality in the aftermath of the coronavirus is currently a key concern for employers, poor air quality has previously been linked to reduced cognitive function and risk of disease – inclusive of cancer.

By ensuring high levels of air quality within your indoor environment, you can offer a healthier workplace and improved well-being for your team.

Get ahead of the curve and protect your employees today.

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