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6 Benefits of Smart Energy Management Using IoT.

Smart monitoring devices that incorporate Internet of Things technology, have the capability to drive process, and offers insight and understanding of data across multiple industries.

Healthcare, retail, residential and manufacturing are just a handful of the sectors that are currently utilising the benefits of smart monitoring solutions.

By using smart monitoring devices, those responsible for energy consumption and sustainability initiatives across organisations can visualise energy usage and behaviours in real-time.

The ‘Internet of Things’ is proving to be quite the game changer when it comes to providing data that can help businesses make smarter choices towards reducing energy costs and delivering on net zero targets.

In 2014, the UK Government introduced the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). ESOS is a mandatory programme that applies to larger UK companies with a specified turnover and headcount. The aim of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is to boost the energy efficiency of UK businesses. 

As part of ESOS, qualifying businesses must track and report energy usage across their buildings, processes and transport. They're also encouraged to find cost-effective ways to cut consumption. 


A smart monitoring system offers a solution to all of the above.

The benefits to the implementation of an internet of thing monitoring solution are smart, future proof and key to the maintenance and upkeep of a healthy business.

Here are just some of the reasons why installing smart energy monitoring technology may be the best decision you’ve ever made.


Saving on the cost of energy.

The financial benefit is a huge draw for most businesses. The capabilities of IoT allow for a unique understanding and perspective of where your business may be draining money when it comes to energy.

Real time usage updates, as well as predictive maintenance can allow for savings across the supply chain and enable more informed decisions to be made in areas where energy efficiency is no longer at its optimal performance.


Reducing carbon emissions.

We’re all on a mission decrease our impact on our planet.

Industry is moving through huge changes and adaptations to the net zero goals of governments and the shift towards greener businesses, so it is more important than ever to have a tight grasp on the data behind your business carbon emissions.

Smart monitoring can offer the opportunity to measure energy usage and therefore energy waste, as well as identifying environmental faults that may be hindering the energy efficiency of your surroundings.  


Comply with relevant regulations.

The data that can be collected through smart monitoring teamed with a data analysis platform such as Invisible Systems’ Real Time Online, can help your business to understand and achieve the compliance regulations that may be required within specific sectors.

Additionally, some applications and uses of smart monitoring may even provide data that will identify where your business may qualify for further certifications.


Take control of asset maintenance.

Particularly relevant to manufacturing and industrial settings, machine maintenance and the efficiency of technology or equipment can be a massive job to keep on top of.

Smart sensor technology can monitor the condition and performance of assets to ensure your business is getting the best out of your assets and machinery.


Reduction of maintenance costs.

With better machine efficiency, comes a reduction in the operation costs of your businesses’ assets. With the help of sensors, data can be analysed in order to cut down the time, effort and money spent on manually reporting on operations. Automating this process can cut costs in many areas across varied sectors.


Predicting the future.

Whether its predicting the likelihood of machine malfunctions or damage, all the way through to spotting trends in your energy usage and efficiency, the internet of things smart monitoring solutions are arguably the best way to future proof your business and put your organisation in a position where any issues can be tackled in a timely and efficient manner, before they begin to negatively impact the success of the business.


Find out more about how smart sensor solutions from Invisible Systems can help you reap the benefits of IoT and save costs across your business.

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